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Previous episode of hyperthyroid but now hypo

In 2006 I had an over active thyroid which I had treatment for for about 3 months. I had gained 2 stone in weight (one of the small percentage of people who gain rather than lose with hyper) and was so trembly I couldn't write. I thought I was going through the menopause as was always burning up. It was an osteopath who told me to go for a blood test back then because my reflexes were too sensitive. Once I received treatment the weight fell off and I quickly went back to normal. After 3 months or so I didn't need anymore treatment and that was it until 10 years later I am diagnosed with hypo and hashimoto.

Now I've read so much around hashimoto and realise now that this episode of hyperthyroidism was very likely the first sign I have thyroid antibodies. I wonder why the doctor then didn't test for it. I had no idea that it would lead to where I am now.

First day of gluten free diet today and also have appointment tomorrow to test vitamin B12


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Sadly far too few endos bother to correctly test thyroid patients to see if they actually have Hashimotos or just Graves or actually both running in tandem

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Is there a special test to check this or is it the anti bodies that show this please ? You have mentioned before in answer to one of my posts that because of the high level of one of my anti body tests that I could have both running in tandem. I was diagnosed as having Graves. I have a multi-nodular thyroid and goiter (no-one apart from the end including myself has ever noticed the loiter - must be small). In a recent letter from the end to my GP my diagnosis is referred to as "recurrent thyrotoxicosis". After been on B & R for nearly 2 years and feeling rotten with no remission (permanently over-medicated it appeared), I am now on Carbimazole Titration down to 5 mgs daily and thank god beginning to feel better after 3 years.

You're very knowledgeable so would be grateful for your response.



Goiter NOT loiter


I am not up to speed on latest tests but I know my husband had all yroid antibodies totally off the scale

I believe theres at leas 2 if not 3 thyroid antibodies


Thank you


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