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Iodine in Hyperthyroidism

Just reading some great posts about becoming deficient in nutrients when Hyper. I usually take a colloidal mineral supplement called Neways, but it contains Iodine, about 60 percent of recommended daily value...

Is this safe to take with Hyper? What are the guidelines with respect to Iodine and goitregenic food in Hyperthyroidism?

Any help greatly appreciated :-)

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Hi Wildpoppy, some people feel you shouldn't take anything with iodine in it if you are taking some form of thyroid hormone. You need iodine for other functions so I don't feel that bit in your vitamin will hurt you but that's a personal opinion. I take a 1 mg. iodine myself. Check "Graves" on the site map. Also read the selenium article because it is the usual recommendation for hyperthyroidism.

These are the labs necessary for hypos to do well on hormone but some may apply to you as well.

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Thank you! Yes I admit, the iodine situation has me confused! I will continue I think with my minerals... Some info I read says, hyper AND hypo both require iodine for normal function... Others say stay away! I ordered my selenium on Friday, so just waiting for it to arrive :-) Thanks so much for your help Heloise... Will cheek out the link


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