Worried about my meds for graves

I was taking 40mg of carbanizol but I got sickness and itching from it so I contacted my specialist who said that's fine I have your blood results and I'm leaving you a prescription. My daughter has collected it for me and I'm a bit shocked it's now propylthiouracil 400mg taken throughout the day I see my specialist in 3 weeks and I'll ask her then but I don't really want to take them. I've rang her number but she must of left. I know that a certain blood test hadn't been done and I had it taken last week. Is this a high dose or is it the norm. It worries me because I take so many pain meds for degenerate disc disease including morphine. Sorry to ask a lot of questions again x

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  • Corny67,

    Propylthirouracil (PTU) is prescribed for patients who have adverse reactions to Carbimazole. Your pharmacist should be able to advise whether 400mg PTU is equivalent to 40mg Carbimazole.

  • Thanks for the reply. My specialist rang last night and told me it's the equivalent of the other so that's put my mind at rest. Thanks again x

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