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More Meds :-(

I had my bloods done last week and spoke to the Dr today and they want to put me on 225mcg (was on 200) I don't know why I am getting worse and not better!! Ive now asked for T3 which he said he will speak to the Endo in our area! Really really hope she decides I'm a suitable candidate... I'm getting really forgetful, my skin is awful (really dry and feels scaly) and the weight is piling on again! Ive been on Levo for 5 years now, how can I be getting worse and not better?

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lulubella Do you have the results of your thyroid tests? If so, can you post them, along with the reference ranges (usually in brackets after the result), then members can comment. If you don't have them then pop along to your surgery and ask for a print out, you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act although there may be a small charge for printing.

Also, it's vital that our vitamins and minerals are all at optimal levels for thyroid hormone to work. Arrange to have the following tested, either through your GP or privately as part of one of Blue Horizon's thyroid tests:


Vit D



Also, have you ever hand thyroid antibodies tested? TPO and TG antibodies plus all the above tests come as part of Blue Horizon's Thyroid Plus Eleven.


Thanks Susie, I've never asked for them but after being on here for a couple of days, I'm going to call tomorrow morning and request a copy. They are very vague with me sometimes and I would like to know what is wrong, where I'm lacking etc! I'll post them tomorrow..

I'll have a look at Blue Horizon now, I've never heard of it! I'm learning so much from this site, I haven't got anyone in my family with this and my boyfriend is clueless lol!


lulubella I meant to put a link in, sorry

That's the best one for the full picture.

When you've got your results from the surgery, make a new thread and give as much info as possible and members will come along with comments and suggestions. We'll put you on the right road :)


Thanks So much! 😊 I'll go have a look now!!


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