should i see endo for all or do blue horizon tests and see dr.peatfield?

morning ali, i made a couple of posts yesterday and intend too seek my own healthcare as my confidence here isn't good if you see other posts.

question is ? if my understanding is correct an endocrinologist would see to bloods and whole aspect and dr.peatfield doesn't do bloods so i would need to arrange my own,hope thats correct as I've never ben here before . glad of what you feel /suggest i do next.

thanks in advance

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The cost of any tests the private endocrinologist requires will be in addition to the consultation fee you are charged.

should i get my own done via blue horizon or do all through end. or is dr.peatfield best bet


It may be better to ask the endo or Dr. P what tests they would like to see before you book a consultation with them.

I would get thyroid plus eleven test done

Then supplement any vitamins (vit D, folate, ferritin and b12) that need improving. Ask on here advice on what & how much

If TSH is high, t4 low take results to local GP and ask for raise in Levo - if they won't get more Levo online

antibodies - go gluten free and take selenium supplement

Endocrinologists very unlikely to recognise vitamin aspects

Thank you , some info I've seen on private docs says they will go through vits and food allergy testing too

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