Need to trade in this body for a newer model! (just having a rant)

This is just a bot of a rant really. Let me start by saying since the 100 Levothyroxin has kicked in, I've been feeling good. Better in fact than I've felt since I took the lung infection last year! I had a medical 'fit for work' type interview where the doctor did a 'puff' test which said my lungs weren't working as well as they should be, but apart from that, i'm grand. Then last week, as I was feeling better on the thyroid front, I decided to do some sorting out around the house (Badly needed, lots of bags to both the skip and charity shop). Happy days! Me acting like me again! A few days ago, I turned too quickly and pulled a muscle in my back. Pure agony! Can't even lay in bed now. Currently on strong anti-inflammatory's and co-codamol for the pain. So, like I say in the title, need a new body. Preferably one where everything works, and about 20 years younger.....

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  • You and me both! I never have liked mine, anyway. And now I'm over 70... I want one that has a waist, and good legs, please.

  • How are your FT3 levels ? When they low it seems to affect the muscles badly. How do I know - well I once had low T3 and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Got that one off the list by treating the thyroid optimally. Muscles need energy to stretch/expand - and when they do not things go wrong. We need muscles like elastic bands - with lots of good stretch - not like those bands on Kilner jars - that do not stretch :-)

  • Didn't know that. Normally only TSH and FT4 tested, but will ask about the T3 if it doesn't shift. Might just be me overdoing things though, I've never been one to take it easy unless I don't have the energy to do it at all! My Dad always called that brute force and ignorance. A trait that runs in the family.

  • Docs/Labs rarely test T3 - you could ask - but I doubt they will. Even though it is the most important thyroid test of ALL.

  • Know exactly how you feel..I was only putting the clothes line up today (one of those rotary ones) and pulled a muscle between my ribs. For the first hour after it hurt just to breathe..eased off now but still bloody painful!! You just get one problem sorted and something else springs up in it's place :-/ At least your thyroid issues are improving though!!! ;-)

  • Grrrrrrr I hope it heals quickly for you. Ginger and tumeric are very powerful antiinfllamatories and you need good amounts of protein to repair.

    Yes that's horrific really. The mental anguish canbe worse than the pain! ! Get well ☺

  • Thanks for the reply folks. Discovered my daughters pogo stick makes a handy waking aid for when the back goes a bit wobbly, and that she is rather good at putting my socks on. Once they are over the heel I'm grand. Nothing makes a 40 year old feel twice the age than asking a 10 year old to put on the socks! lol Such is life.

  • Just to make you laugh when i used to see my GP ( in the days when you could get an appointment and see him face to face)

    He would say ' what can I do for you? '

    I always replied ' a new body please'

    He would pull out the drawer of his desk and ' which one would you like?

    As the years have passed I ve decided I really would like a new body plus a new mind but I m sure that would be vetoed by NICE


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