Hyperthyroidism and need some answers

Hi I'm julianna. ...I would really appreciate some help to better understand what I'm going through! I just found out a week ago I have a hyperthyroidism my tsh is 0.010 and my t4 is 9.2 they don't know actually how long I have had this ...last year my test was fine so this year sometime....I been extremely tried My throat hurts I been getting real bad headaches that never had before. ..fever and aches and pains=/ my eyes feel real heavy and feel emotionally unwrapped! Lol its just driving me crazy! So some answers would be so appreciated! In the meantime I am waiting to see a specialist and have a utor sound done...thank you for reading

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Hi julianna, those symptoms definitely appear as hyper but that can change to hypo as easily. Try to stay away from stimulants like caffeine and look up some relaxation techniques. Sometimes autoimmune issues are due to leaky gut and that is due to possible gluten issues or a lot of processed foods and antibiotics. You could have deficiencies that need a remedy. Here is some information and let us know how it's going. You really should have a free T3 test and antibody testing.


Thank you so much!also if my tsh gets any longer could it be dangerous?

Sorry I meant to say lower

Don't worry about TSH. The free T3 sometimes is a better indicator of being hyper. Have you been on carbimazole or anything else?

Ok..no I haven't been given anything yet .they want to do more test

I've recently been diagnosed with Graves (auto immune hyper thyroid) although waiting for the results of antibody tests to confirm this. I started carbimazole just under a month ago and feel loads better. Symptoms palpitations, shakes, anxiety, feeling generally yuk, no energy, not sleeping, emotional roller coaster. I also have been having an aching sore throat on and off for a good few months bit didn't relate this until after diagnosis. They all came on at different times so didn't put them all together though. My gp thought I had depression/anxiety.

My bloods Tsh 0.01, ft3 23.4 (2.8-7.1), ft4 54 (10-23). I've also got a borderline b12 of 189 (180-1000) so have started self treating with supplements after seeing lots of posts on here about B12. If you have mild thyroid eye disease they recommend to start selenium supplements 100mcg twice a day, I started these before I saw endo but didn't see the eye disease myself, it was others who noticed it so might be worth asking family if your eyes look different to normal.

You may or may not have the same thing as me, either way hang on in there, try and rest and look after yourself. I find caffeine makes my symptoms worse as does being stressed/upset and rushing around doing too much. If you get other troubling symptoms before you see the endo ask you go to treat them-the worst they can do is say no. I started calcium channel blockers for the palpitations and they've made a big difference. Hopefully you'll get a diagnosis soon and start treatment. All the best.

Do you have a range for that FT4? It doesn't look very high. Did they test your FT3? Did they test antibodies? They really cannot diagnose hyperthyroidism just on the basis of the TSH. It could be a pituitary problem.

Hi ,they only did a tsh and a t4 I didn't see no range for the t4...I'm thinking I should get a new doctor! Thanks

Always, always ask for a print out of your results, and make sure the ranges are on there. Otherwise, the numbers mean nothing.

Before the hassle of finding a new doctor, ask this one to do proper tests. He probably has no idea what he's doing. Or, tell him that if you are hyper, you need to see an endo, that's normal procedure for hyper. And then, you hope and pray the endo knows what he's doing and does the right tests!

I know right lol thanks so much !


I don't knw anything about hyperthyroid. I have hypo...I hope you are getting plenty of information and I am sure you are on this website everyone is great!

Thank you!

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