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Hi to all members

I am a new member, just joined today. As I have just been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

Apart from researching on line, and getting a leaflet off my consultant, I am very much in the dark so to speak.

Since my diagnosis and given new medication, I have felt really poorly.

My tablets carbimazole 20mg have made me feel sick and terrible headaches.

Wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

So doctor has changed my medication to propylthiouracil plus propranolol.

I assume they all have side effects, but what can be tolerated by one person, another is very sick.

Its a lot to take on board all at once, and would appreciate some info from my fellow sufferers.


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Welcome to the forum, CentralParkLady.

Some hyperthyroid patients don't tolerate Carbimazole well but do better on PTH. Have you been tested for Graves antibodies? It is possible to recover from hyperthyroidism after Carbimazole or PTH have re-regulated your thyroid gland for 9-18 months but remission is less likely to be permanent if you have autoimmune hyperthyroidism (Graves).


I am not sure what I have been tested for yet, as I have only seen the consultant one time. I am having a scan next week, and some more blood tests.


CPL, they're probably onto it then. Get printouts of all your blood tests with lab ref ranges as it helps members to interpret any results you may wish to discuss and its handy to note where you feel good or bad and on what dose.


TSH<0.01, FT4 50.1 FT3 10.4 anti-thyroglobulin antibodies 5.6 thyroid receptor antibodies awaited.

This was sent to me from my doctors...via the consultant from my hospital visit, you may understand it better than me....I appreciate you emailing me.


Not surprised you feel rough. I've looked back at some notes I made from when I was diagnosed with Graves, which is hyper with antibodies, unfortunately my notes don't go right back to when I was first diagnosed but I was certainly getting headaches every day for ages.

The important thing you need to know about carb is that really don't want to get is a sore throat and mouth ulcers, if you do stop the carb and go to your GP right away, tell them you are on carb and you must have a white blood cell count that day. when I started on carb - 20mcg a day that was increased to 40mcg after a month - my pharmacist told me to take vitamin C every day. I took 1000mcg slow release with zinc.

Make sure you get a patient information leaflet about the Carbimazole, your pharmacist ought to have given you one - if not either ask for one or Google and download it from the maker's website, you can find it if you look online.

I'm very impressed that your doctor has sent you your test results, a lot of people on here have to beg for them.

I felt pretty rough until they added Levothyroxine in with the Carbimazole and once I was at my optimal level of thyroxine (I was being treated by block and replace) I felt much better. Try to rest and be as kind to yourself as you can. Keep coming here for support - Whatever it is you want to know someone is bound to have an answer.

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OMG do I have Graves? No one has told me yet.


I don't know, graves depends on what the antibodies are and how high they are.

Ask your consultant next time you see him - or your GP might know. No one mentioned Graves to me - I was only told I was 'very hyperactive with antibodies' my doctor phoned me the day after I had my blood tests, I came home to find a message left for me saying I was very hyper etc, that there was a prescription at Reception for me ( carbimazole) and that an appointment had been made for me to see an endo and would i book in for more blood tests in a month' That was it. I started on the 20mcg carbimazole the day after I was diagnosed. I only discovered I had Graves three months down the line on my first hospital visit when the endo said something to me and because I'd read a lot I said 'What, do you mean like in Graves?' that he pointed at me and said 'Graves, yes Graves, that's what you've got'. I was left wondering if he would have told me if I hadn't brought the G word up first. Hope the headache goes and you feel better soon :)


Thanks for information and help...very much appreciated. I wondered why my gp asked me to get my eyes checked out. I go back to the doctors next week, so will be asking a few more questions.

Will keep you informed...bye for now.


I am also new and diagnosed hyper in December, propranolol was my first medication which I got on with very well, now the specialist (which I haven't been to see yet) has put me on carbimazole.

I know very little about the condition.

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