When is too soon to test?????,

So.. I have 4 tablets left of my synthroid, i just called my endos office to schedule some labs as ive been really tired and feeling down lately. I am on 112mg, but before that was at 200mg. The reason for drastic drop was to start fresh and work our way up to see where I need to be. I really don't want to wait til October for labs, if I'm starting to feel like crap lately. Could it be too soon to do labs, and should I just finish the last 4 tablets then do my labs? My endo isn't the nicest guy, I'd hate for him to say I should have finished the whole Rx.. The nurse went ahead and wrote up my labs, I just want to make sure he go by an early reading, and not chew me out for not taking the last on my Rx.

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Your endo is spouting rubbish when he says reducing your dose so drastically is 'starting fresh'. If you were over medicated on 200mcg the appropriate thing would have been to reduce dose by 25mcg, or if you were very over medicated by 50mcg.

If your endo chew you out, dump him and get someone competent with manners.

I agree with you clutter. I am going first thing tomorrow morning for labs, in hopes for an increase. If my next appt doesn't go well, my plan is to look else where for another dr. I even managed to get his nurse to test T3 T4 and Tsh.. he was only going to go by TSH, so he'll be surprised to see the other test added on. And I'm sure he'll have something to say about that.


I wouldn't see an endo who was only interested in TSH which isn't even a thyroid hormone.

I know Clutter, I really am looking for a new Dr. Where I live we probably have 3 endos here. One I had for over 10 years and never got anywhere. This new one I've only seen 2xs, and it wasnt the best experience. But if I can get through these labs and if this appt doesn't go well, then I'll have to look else where. Even if I have to take the long drive.

Clutter, do you think getting labs done within a month of new dosage would be too soon?


Not when dose has been reduced and you are feeling symptomatic. If you had increased dose I would have said 4 weeks is too soon to test.

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