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Hi, I am really looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with Graves in 2014. I was on meds for about a year and have now been off them for a year and I was feeling ok. I recently experienced the same symptoms as before, not sleeping, increased appetite, slight swelling in my lower neck and my heart rate increased as well as other symptoms.My blood tests have come back within the normal range which really surprised me. I am seeing my Gp today to discuss why I am symptomatic - maybe it's a virus or something I'm not sure. Can my test results be normal while still experiencing Graves symptoms.

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Hi Pamz39,

I'm in the same position as you. And my Graves timeline looks much the same as yours.

I went to the docs and asked for blood tests to be done in April, but the lab only did the TSH, and since that was ok, they decided that I needed to consider that my symptoms were nothing to do with my Thyroid!

They were happy to give me a prescription for beta blocker though.. I haven't needed to take them as my condition improved again by the end of June.

So yes, you can be symptomatic with normal readings.

Hopefully your doctor will monitor you closely and things improves for you.



Thanks, I thought I was going a little mad when they told me my blood test results were normal. I am seeing my Gp today and my thyroid is still slightly swollen so hopefully he can advise.

Thanks again for your response.


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