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newbie needs help

hi, i have been newly diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and i was given 6 weeks supply of levothyroxine at a starting dose stating levothyroxine 50 on the packet.

i have been taking them for about 4 weeks and feel no different, which i suppose is quite normal.

i will get a blood test next week to measure my levels, my question is, what should i ask my doctor about results as its all new to me and i dont know what i should be asking at consultations

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Ask for a print-out of your results, with ranges, so that you can post them on here. It's perfectly normal not to know anything about it when you start. And doctors aren't very good at explaining. But, if we tell you what your results mean, the next time you go back you will know what to say, and what other tests to ask for. You'll soon know more than your doctor! lol

Welcome to the forum. :)

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thank you, blood test 2 aug and doctor consultation 8 aug.


OK :)


So get and post results before you see the doc.They are usually back in 2-3 days


Don't forget to fast before the blood test - water only - which should be as early ion the morning as possible and don't take your levo until AFTER the test or you will get a false result.


Hi - I've been on treatment for hypothyroidism for about 5 months and have felt pretty good for about 2 months. It takes time for the drugs to work! 50 mcg is just a starter dose for many and it really depends on what your results were when the doctor diagnosed hypothyroidism. Can you get your results and post them here (with the ranges) and the kindly members who know more than me LOL will advise you?


you need to find out WHY you are hypo, if it is autoimmune disease caused and fix it naturally, heal your body. Don't except low thyroid as normal. But ask why and reverse it. Start there..ask for hashimotos antibodies testing.


thank u all so far for help, i know i have been borderline since my late 20s. now late 40s.

never paid a great deal of attention to it before but its a bit of a shock now so i will report back for more help soon xx


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