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hi this is a bit of topic really,how many have gone to see a doctor for them to see you once take your first consultation fee and then you cant get to see them again i've been thinking about this and talking to my gf and we both think they do it cause they just want your money cause the first meeting is also the the most expensive.

This has happened to me a few times now and the more resent doctor to do this told me to take ndt. now these are powerful tablets and a person should be monitored for this now if a doctor tells you to do this and don't allow you to go see them again is this not considered malpractice or some think similer to this ??? i still cant get hold of this doctor its disgraceful in my opinion.

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What kind of doctor are you talking about ? GP, Consultant or alternative doc ?

the most resent one was a gp but practices under a nutritionist now.

markgreenhill Oh dear, if this is the private doctor you saw in November, what do you mean by he 'won't let you see him again' or is it someone else?

yh can never get hold of him and been promised many times he would get in touch its really bad in my eyes i gone to another doctor again now and his first skype meeting was just 30 mins at 175 pounds i wouldn't have to do this is this doctor wasnt just taking our money. i know he does this a lot and it take the piss to be quite honest.

I wonder if this is the same doctor I saw earlier this year. A Harley Street doctor who charged me £75 for half an hour, prescribed expensive hormone treatment from a particular compounding pharmacy without a repeat prescription and for which I paid for. Fortunately I didn't use the hormone treatment, however, he suddenly disappeared from the practice without any warning or forwarding address.

It has made me very reluctant to go private again. Incidentally, the information/advice he gave me I could have easily obtained from this site and save myself a lot of money.

That should have been £175.00.

no its not the same one but this goes to show there's a lot of bad people/bad doctors out there it amazes me how they get away with it. that's very bad what he done to you you should be able to find where his gone with a bit of detective work.

markgreenhill I can't comment on the one you had a Skype consultation with but the first one, yes I understand although he has had a couple of Incidents of serious ill health that have hospitalised him and he has drastically reduced his workload and the number of clinics he now holds and where he can travel to. Because of his age and health, I think he should probably now stop taking on new patients and concentrate on those established patients already consulting with him, but I think his genuine desire to help people means that he finds it hard to say no. That doesn't excuse you having no contact though, a phone call from his secretary to explain the situation would not have gone amiss rather than empty promises.

I saw him for a couple of years, going back 16 years, and communication was difficult even then. His outreach clinics meant he was away from his base more than being there, he's never used email so I used to fax my reports, I invariably had to follow them up and mark my fax 'urgent please' to get an answer and then they would eventually arrive through the post and were hand written and not overly long.

I understand your frustration, it's very difficult and there are so few genuine ones out there it's hard to know what to do.

There are many experienced members who could maybe offer as much help if you have all your test results and explain your thyroid journey.

its the same doctor your talking about. i understand his getting old and I've heard his been ill but he didn't mention this on the first visit i had to travel 3 hours to get there also.i read a post earlier today from 3 years ago saying the same thing that happened to me, so we cant really say its cause his been ill recently it seems he does this a lot i think he likes to take the initial fee then then he cuts u loose.

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