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Hi everyone i know i recently posted on here for some advice on what vitamins to take but i was hoping you could possibly let me know all the vits i need to take, the dose and the brand if at all possible. It feels like a mine field at the moment, ive heard Now do a Thyroid support which i could take, could anyone recommend this ?

Thanks & Sorry to be a pain

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I most definitely would not recommend anything that calls itself 'thyroid support'. For 'support', read 'stimulant', and stimulating a sick gland is not a good idea.

I just googled NOW thyroid support, and I don't know if it's the same one you're talking about, but it contains iodine, and you really, really don't want more iodine. It also contains Ashwagandha and Guggul, more stimulants. And, it has folic acid, rather than methylfolate. And copper. I doubt you want copper. So, I would say, no, don't take it. It's a con meant to trap people who are healthy but afraid they might develope thyroid problems. This won't stop them, but they feel safer taking it. Forget it. :)

I just reread your last post, and saw you got a lot of good advice. People suggested you try taking zinc, and vit A. You could add vit E to that list. But I don't really know what else you want to know. Just take the dose suggested on the bottle. Most things only come in on size dose, anyway. And I'm sure that if you've been reading on here for any length of time, you know what the good brands are. :)


Thank you greygoose. I wont bother buy the NOW tabs, i just seen them & thought it may be a lot easier than taking all those vits. I guess i just wanted to know what everyone else takes on a day to day basis & when to take, i am currently taking k2, vit d, ferrous funerate, vut c & b complex. I think i now need to start taking Magnesium, vit A, vit E, zinc & selenium and possibly a pro biotic ? Does that sound about right ? Its a bit of a mine field for me sorry im just a bit confused about it all. I have had some fantastic advice and help on here i must say. I just would perhaps like some advice on what to take, when & which ones, that would be a massive help 😊

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Well, people usually start by getting tested, and take what they need. There is no list of 'must-takes' - or if there is, there shouldn't be. No point in taking stuff you don't need. And, once you're one the basics - vit D, vit B12, folate (B complex) and iron, and are well established on them, then you try other things - the co-factors, like magnesium and vit E - to see how they make you feel. There's a possibility that some things won't suit you - I couldn't get on at all with copper - and pro-biotics really messed up my digestion!

So, for that reason, you try things one at a time - perhaps start with a small dose and work up. Nobody can tell you exactly what you need, it's all trial and error for everyone. So, don't just start taking Magnesium, vit A, vit E, zinc & selenium and a pro biotic just like that. Star with magnesium, try it for two weeks, see how you feel. If it upsets your gut, you might want to reduce the dose until you get used to it, and then try increasing it. Then go on to zinc, etc etc etc. Listen to your body, and see how it feels. We're all different. :)


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