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My apologies if this has already been posted on this forum. I found it on the PA forum, courtesy of evilellie, and I thought it applies very much to most of us here.

Before I read it, I was concerned it might give the Government ammunition to stop us being able to do this, but I've been able to include, in my contribution, an explanation of why I'm forced to do this, even though I would much prefer not to have to.

You can do this completely anonymously if you wish.

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  • Have not so far noticed a link on Thyroid UK forum but was, as you said, on Pernicious Anaemia Society yesterday or day before.

    In my view, most definitely worth contributing - and I have put in my ha'p'orth.

  • Thank you for including the link in your reply Helvella. I thought I had !!!! Blame my thyroid brain again. Good thing some of us on here can think straight.

  • Thanks just put my two penny worth in.

  • I have also left my contribution.

  • Thats great Sulamaye and Zephybear. The more of us that repond the more they'll realise what a big issue it is, which should lead to a more prominent article.

  • I buy my medicines using online pharmacies, usually this one - . The medications always come well in time and never get hung up in customs, so nothing extra to pay and no delay.

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