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High cortisol at night

Hi, could anyone share their tips on how to reduce cortisol at nighttime or just lower cortisol in general?

The last few nights I've felt extremely hypo at bedtimes and it feels like I get a Hashi's flare up every night now 😔 I did a cortisol test and I'm very low, normal, normal, very high. I currently take 75mcg of levo (pretty sure it's not doing anything apart from make me gain weight, extreme fatigue & hair loss) I also take 2-4g of vit c a day (sometimes more) selenium, probiotics, b-vits, tulsi tea, iron, acv, eat healthy foods, plenty of dark fruits & green veg...its just so frustrating that I now don't look forward to bedtime, even though I'm knackered!

The holy basil I bought had seaweed in (was told to stay away from iodine with Hashi's) and it also made me feel worse so guessing that's why. So if anyone has a good brand or other suggestions I'd be mighty thankful! 😊

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Hi purplejuicy,

Here's an article that I found helpful:

I am trying Seriphos myself but it's too early to know if it is working so I can't personally recommend it yet,



I made the same mistake as you and bought holy basil online which claimed to be free from all allergens and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Sounded purer than pure. The only problem was that it failed to list any ingredients other than Holy Basil so I was more than surprised to find that it contained several, including "arctic fresh seaweed". I sent it back today and ordered Simply Pure Holy Basil capsules instead.


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