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Choppy Vision??

Hi, I haven't written in quite some time as I have been steadily trying to get better, but to no avail. I have had hyperthyroid, Graves' disease, since 2000. I have been on methimazole for quite a while and only went on PTU during my pregnancy and switched back to Methimazole afterwards (that was in 2009). I have persistent visual issues which started during pregnancy with my son and got worse after. I also developed debilitating migraines. While I am on treatment for the migraines, the visual stuff still remains. My last hope is getting my thyroid removed to see if it helps any. I am wondering if there is anyone on here who has gone through anything similar. My worst symptom is I have lost the ability to track fast moving objects within my peripheral area. Things seem really choppy to me now. I also see static in the dark, prolonged afterimages and trails. I have tried medications and nothing has worked for me. The only thing going on with my thyroid is that at times I get hyper and so they increase my Methimazole and I go back to normal blood levels. I have super high antibodies and it's always been that way. Part of me has often wondered if it could be from the antibodies, but I am not sure... I would think more people would have my symptoms if that were the case.


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I had real trouble with the eye disease. Double vision was terrible. I was treated successfully

With iv steroids over six weeks. I have been discharged from the eye clinic after six years, at last.

My eyes look just about how they did before the disease, but I can not follow fast moving objects, or if we are in the car and Hubby tells me to look at something as we pass it, no chance of me seeing it. I also get static lights in the dark at night, usually when my eyes are very dry.

I don't mind putting up with this as at one point I was told I was going to lose my sight, not any longer. So glad I can still see.

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Hi, Duster!

Have you noticed that when you do see the moving objects that they move strangely?

I am so glad your eyes look back to normal!! I had TED when I was first diagnosed and they went back down with ATD's.


I have just been diagnosed with graves 2 weeks ago. My eyes are quite effected too and stick out quite noticeably I am seeing a specialist quite soon. My vision is getting worse and I find it hard to focus on things as when I do my eyes seem to wobble I do hope they can do something for them as the ache so much. My do hope you get sorted too x


Sometimes I get the wobble too.

I hope they are able to sort it out for you as well!! This condition is not fun at all =(



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