Transient loss of half vision in one eye. Any suggestions?


I posted a few days ago about my thyroid levels, which we always 'normal'. In the past few days I have had very scary symptoms with my left eye. I have had a small blind spot that rotates with white lights going through it for approximately 4 weeks, but a few days ago, I had a scary loss of vision in my left eye. Half of the eye was blacked out and had lots of static in it.

I have been to tia/stroke clinic and the consultant was happy that this isn't a tia or stroke, but will do a CT for my 'peace of mind', which I will get in 7 weeks! I have also seen ophthalmology consultant who says structurally that the eye is OK.

Just this morning, I have realised that when I look up, to follow the blind spot, I bring on the half eye visual loss.

I am not necessarily suggesting that this is due to my thyroid, but it may be relevant that my thyroid is huge and grows both up and down my neck. However, I am very scared and I have seen some fab advice on all sorts of issues on this board and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts/advice on this.

I don't have any antithyroid antibodies, so I don't think that it is TED.

Sorry, this may not make a great deal of sense...

L x

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  • please do the amsler grid test. check you eyes with the grid (you look at the centre dot) at normal reading distance and then you will 'notice' where any sight deficits are. This is extremely important.

    Macula disease can happen with people who have thyroid problems. This is the loss of central vision or missing patches (looks like grey foggy stuff) I have this.

    I have hypothyroidism myself.

    Good luck - do this self test on the internet and then take it from there. Best wieshes

  • I seem to have lost my original reply to you sorry. Thanks for taking the time to reply. The ophthalmologist scanned my eye and the macular was intact, thankfully. I have printed off an amsler grid, anyhow, and my blind spot is off the grid. It is very annoying as it flickers at the edge of what I am reading.

    I hope that your treatment has halted the progress of your eye issues.

    L x

  • I truly wish you well. If you are unhappy with your treatment, can you not see your doc and have a heart to heart? Then maybe your doc will refer you to somehow in whom you may have some confidence and you will get the help you need and pronto.

    Best wishes........:0)


  • I cannot believe that they are making you wait 7 weeks for a CT to see if you ave had a Stroke or TIA! Do you have any other symptoms other than loss of central vision which is on the left side? Any headache or balance problems? If so I would go back to A&E and tell them you are still having problems and you want a CT now.

  • Hi

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. The stroke consultant is quite sure that it isn't a stroke or tia and the CT scan is 'for my peace of mind'. Never mind that I will be worried to death by the time that it comes around!

    The loss of vision is from the centre of my eye to the nose, it is transient but still very scary. I don't have any other stroke symptoms, but with an eye stroke this can happen, as I understand as it is only the optical nerve that is affected. I have been back to A&E but they referred me to ophthalmology...

    I am waiting for my GP to call me about a neuro appointment, but I just want someone to do the important tests.

    I have no confidence in the stroke team, they diagnosed me with tia last year when it wasn't and I am very worried that they have it wrong again.

    L x

  • I agree that until you have had a CT you and they will not know for sure - how can they? I had a stroke 2 years ago when I was told I was having a migraine. One of the main features was that I lost my left central vision (so if I looked at their face I would only see half of it). Looking in somebodies eyes will not tell you much you need to look at the brain if there has been a clot. Normally to affect the central vision on the left side it would be a right occipital infarct. So you are reassured the sight came back! It is still important that this is diagnosed so that appropriate treatment is given if needed. I would kick up a hugh fuss and if necessary tell your GP that you want him/her to tell A&E to order a Brain CT. Ask them if they are willing to take the consequences if it turns out you have had/got a clot which is left untreated for 7 weeks and if they still refuse make them document the fact that they have still refused you a CT - that may change their mind as they will not want it documented just in case they are wrong. As you say the worry alone now is worth them doing it even if hopefully it does turn out to be something minor. Good Luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • damehypo. Thank you for replying to this as you have the same symptom as me and I have never met anyone with this "loss of vision" explained so well. I wonder if mine is the same as yours. In my right eye several years ago I found a patch as you referred to it of foggyness, cloud coloured and if I looked at a shelf across the room in my bedroom, bits of it were missing in a long straight line and on the Amsler Grid Test, some of the lines had actually disappeared. Also I noticed that if this disappeared bit was looking at a car's rear light then it would not be orange or red but white or negative, no colour. This was investigated and they said that it was inflammation of my optic nerve caused probably by a virus? Over many months the "blind area" became less and less but unfortunately it never completely healed and I am left with the "cloudy patch". Looking at the grid it is now just right of the centre but the line leading away is all wavy so that is not good. I look at the grid regularly to make sure that things are still the same, I'm always apprehensive incase it isn't!

  • I must add that if you are suspected of having had a stroke or TIA (mini stroke) that is an EMERGENCY appointment, you do not wait for 7 weeks. It is important that you talk to your Dr about this wait. Referring to the Kent & Canterbury stroke unit regarding a suspected stroke/tia you will be seen within 24 hrs.

  • Hi Parksie,

    A few years ago I lost half my vision in my right eye from th centre outward and also felt sick and faint. I called an ambulance and it came out within two minutes, took me to hospital, where we waited in corridor for about half an hour before we even saw the receptionist, ambulance personnel waiting with me - what chaos! When I finally got to reception I was told there was a more than four hour queue and maybe I would like to see my GP in the meantime. I opted for this as by then I was feeling much better. When I saw my GP he immediately said that it was Occular Migraine. I had no head pain, and have not had it since. Janet.

  • Any update on your condition. I recently (2 days ago) started having the same symptoms, however it is quite possible that I came into contact with lead dust in my eye.

    Is that a possibility for you?

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