Life back with Armour

Well I have been on Armour 30 mg for one week now and OMG. I haven't slept through the day and I don't feel tired at all. I was so worried with self prognoses after 30 years of being on thyroxine and the doctors just totally not listening to me. I am 51 and I wish I had done this changed 29 years ago. I know it's still early days and I am still nervous about doing this, but I honestly cannot believe the difference in my life up to now Amazing. I'm waiting to go and see the specialist at the hospital and I will be going in with the hope I can tell him about the change in myself and hoping he will! Prescribe me Armour, but either way I will stay on it and buy it myself. Just wow x

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Yay! So glad to hear you're feeling better!

Good luck with the specialist and remember if it's good enough for Hilary Clinton, it's good enough for all of us (whether you like her or not is a whole new can of worms).

Thank-you. I will let you all know what happens, if I ever get an appointment xx

hahaha vixvixvix... is hillary really on ndt? lucky minx ....


We got it off a website in New Zealand. Didn't need a prescription xx

Hi Sue,

My specialist has just taken me off Armour because he cannot fund it from his budget and I'm now on T3 and feel S**T. Please PM me with details of your supplier as it looks like I'm going to have to go private and self fund it even though my medication is part of my thyroid cancer treatment.


TT x

Whaaaaat! Pls pm me the link. No 'script! that is a break through.

I live in New Zealand and would be very interested to know where you can get it from here without a prescription as I have scoured the internet and cannot find anywhere in NZ where I can get it without a prescription. Could you PM me please with details?

Suegee please PM me the site


If you want to let somebody to know where you got your ndt from, send them a message. Don't put it in your posts, please. We need to keep our ndt suppliers protected - if they get closed down we end up without medication. Some of us rely sorely on ndt or T3 as we cannot take synthetic levo. Thanks!

Please Pm me too please re the website; as desperate to explore a solution for myself, in similar position with levothyroxine. Wonderful to hear your story; inspires with hope! Good luck with your continued recovery.

Hi Sue, I took Armour for years and it was very useful but as you go along, try to make sure your levels of FT4 and FT3 are high enough. I didn't realize that and although I felt okay I was really underdosed and my TSH was too high as well. Your specialist should at least help you out with testing. If not, you can order tests yourself.

Hey, you are still young enough to enjoy good health.

Will do, thanks for the info xxx

Magic, isn't it? I remember how I realised that I had forgotten what it was to be well, and it was only about five years for me!

Exactly I truly cannot believe it. My husband says it's nice to see me up and about and smiling again xxx

Its wonderful that in so few days you are feeling so much better on Armour

It often takes months or even a year to feel like that but it clearly shows that levothyroxine simply is not the perfect wonder pill the medics try to pretend

Keep going and do not be put off and enjoy your new health

Yes I know it's unbelievable. I cannot believe how I'm feeling. At night time my arms use to itch so much and I scratched all night making my arms bleed. I have had any of that and I keep waiting lol. I wake up in the morning and I actually feel awake xxx

Suegee, so happy for you:-) I was prescribed Armour for 3 years in US, but it was withdrawn in UK, with the inevitable return to the Struggle. I've since tried Thiroid from Thailand but it doesn't suit me - so, could you please private message me with your Armour source? I'd be so grateful. And - all the very best of luck with your specialist appointment. Thanks!

Hi there.

It's fantastic that you are feeling so better in such a short time.

I to am taking thyroid s from Thailand and would like to switch to Armour, could you message me where to order it from without prescription please

Thanks, Suegee! But what country are they in??? It says in small print at the bottom: 'To satisfy the requirements of Regulation 7 of the UK Medicines (Advertising) Regulations 1994, this site is not intended for those people who reside in the United Kingdom.' I'm in the UK - does it ship to UK without any hassle?

Yes it was delivered to us in just over one week xxx

Muchas gracias!

Suegee, one more thing - I just saw this:

'If your order is over £15 (was £18 up to 31st October 2011), HM Revenue & Customs will charge you VAT when you import goods into the UK via Royal Mail. If you choose the EMS premium delivery option, VAT is chargeable on this too. If your order does encounter VAT then Royal Mail will also add a handling fee and this is typically £8. Please note these charges are payable by you to Royal Mail when your parcel arrives.'

did you stay under £15 or get clobbered with VAT + handling fee?

Thanks again, dear

This is without prescription, I assume???

Congratulations I had the same revelation when I started on Naturethroid after years of getting sicker on Levothroxine. Don't be scared enjoy being well. It's fantastic!

Hi there.

Could you message me with details of where to buy nature thyroid please.

Currently taking thyroid s but not thinking it suits me.

Thank-you and it's all thanks to reading posts like this xx

Hello, could you please pm with the website details and any other advice about armour, seriously looking into starting it myself, but am very scared! Well done to you :)

Hi Suegee. I have an underactive thyroid which was diagnosed 16 years ago. I take 100mcg thyroxine daily but still am constantly exhausted and sleepy. I would love to try Armour so would v much appreciate if you could tell me where I can purchase it. Thank you in advance.

Angela x

Thank you for the info Suegee. I totally understand your fear as I am fearful too but at my wits end. I will check it out right away.

Hey Suegee. I am on the Horse pharmacy and I cannot find Armour. Is it known by another name? L Angela xook forward to hearing back from you.


Suegee123 is not permitted to post the name of sites which supply UK prescription only medications without prescription on the forum. Please send Suegee123 a private message for the name of the site she used. Click on Suegee123's username and click on Messages top right of her profile page.

23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.

This was really great news indeed, and I am so happy for you! Just one question for clarification: you are talking about the brand name Armour Thyroid, previously by Forest Pharmaceuticals (not sure who manufactures it now as it seems the company was sold about a year ago)?

I am asking because I have been considering lately going back on it (I get mine in Belgium where my doctor is, and I have an appointment next month and will then get a new prescription for Armour). There has been so much talk about how it changed for the worse after it was reformulated five or six years ago. Since then, I have tried Erfa with spotty success (it also seems to have changed somehow), Thiroyd and Thyroid-S from Thailand. The latter has been the best for me, but if Armour worked as well for me as it seems to do for you, I'd switch back immediately. But I have kind of given up hope on Armour after all the complaints, especially in US forums like STTM...which is why it's great to read about someone doing really well on it:-)

How do you take it; sublingually, swallow it, crush it...?

please could you send me the details re armour purchasing. Much appreciated.

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