anyone happy with Armour?

Some say Armour is working better now. How many Armour users here are happy with it?

I found a pharmacist willing to send me Erfa even if the prescription is for Armour. He has even ordered 500 ct bottles for me which has meant great savings.

However, Erfa seems to be of varying quality these days. I have had two bad bottles (one of 30 and one of 125 mg), and two good bottles (both 60 mg) in recent months. Of course, it's a waste of money to buy a 500 ct bottle when the pills turn out not to work.

I have been wondering lately if it would be worth giving Armour another try...however, it still seems to contain a lot of cellulose, so I guess that you need to either chew the pills up, or take something to break the cellulose down (cellulase)?

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  • I'll be interested to see replies to your question Anna

  • Never tried it, sorry Anna. But my other half was on it for quite a while with no problems - other than the usual challenges around finding the right dose. She came off because her Endo was willing to prescribe t3.

    I take Nature Throid which works well for me. I chose it mostly because it was way cheaper than Armour, plus had fewer fillers!

  • Can I ask where you get Nature Throid? Are you in the US, or the UK?

  • PS. Many recommend Nature Throid. l know it is hypoallergenic, but does it not contain cellulose as well?

  • I'm in the UK. And yes, it does contain cellulose. But whether that is half as important as some thyroid support sites reckon, I couldn't say - just know that it works for me!

    I'll PM you. :)

  • I cannot take Erfa as it contains maize which I am really intolerant to.

  • Four months ago I changed from 125mg Synthroid to 1 grain Armour and feel great so far. Increasing dose to 1.5 grains every day made me feel edgy and irascible. So, occasionally (when I 'fall asleep' whilst reading/watching a film), I take the extra .5 grain next day. Is Armour the only lactose-free medication available without a script? Been on a low carb. gluten-free diet for years and now function well.

  • I take Armour and it works for me. I just swallow it with no chewing and it is fine.

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