just caught glimpse of a post before i lost it. i have problems with vessels in my nose which makes the right nostril shut off overnight and i sleep with my thumb on my nose holding the nostril open... this happens when i am reducing my steriods.on high dose there is no problem. doc prescribed nasal spray but it was causing more problems than it was worth...did i see a post that suggested benodril could help the situation.

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  • .... or you could try alternate nostril breathing - a yoga practice that balances the mind and body. Very powerful when practised on a regular basis ....

  • I'd suggest neti pot cleansing- the saline solution can be very soothing, so if it's an irritant response that is making your nostril closed up (and your reduced steroid dose is making you more sensitised to allergens, or rather the high steroid dose was desensitising your allergens response) the cleansing will clean the area and sooth the nasal passages.

    Bit daunting at first, but I was on so many anti- histamines, sprays, drops, inhalers before I started nasal cleansing (then an air purifier to top up the dust removal- but the allergies actually never came back, it was only my asthma that kicked up since my entire street decided to have major redecorations at the same time) and now nothing. It's the same with my sister who was even more sickly respiratory wise than I was.

    I really like the accu-life nasal cleanser and the amount of control it gives you. That little piece of kit converted lots of people who I know was scared of nasal cleansing and they found using it a complete doddle vs a neti pot. It's less than £10 on that giant website, so worth giving it try instead of going on more medication...

  • If you have turbinate disfunction the only medication that will work long term is steroids.

    If you have a deviated septum or the nasal steroids are not working for the turbinate disfunction, then you may need a procedure to correct the issue.

    All the people I know with nasal problems find anti-histamines such as benadryl don't work unless they have an allergy. Stuff with ephedrine in it like Sudafed is to use for the short term for about 4 days, otherwise you end up suffering rebound rhinitis. This will make you worse.

    I suggest if the nasal steroids aren't working go back to your GP and demand to be referred to ENT. Do not take no for an answer. If the GP tries and prescribe anti-histamines or other nasal steroids tell them you are going to put in a complaint as they know they don't work for nasal problems if they haven't worked before, and if they don't know they should.

    When you see the ENT tell them you have a thyroid condition and let them look up your nose. If they have time and the busy units may not discuss with them the treatment options. ENT specialists on the NHS aren't as surgery happy as private ENT specialists so they will only do a procedure if they see no other way of dealing with the problem and you can't live with it.

    Both a deviated septum and turbinate disfunction are common but GPs try not to refer people to ENT if they can save money. You should not have to live with being on high dose steroids to breath.

  • tried the breathing but no air goes up at all unless i hold open the nostral...i tried the nettipot last year. made no difference... its not worth getting gp involved again as it is easy enough to rest my thumb over the spot that opens up the airways. and other nostril is fine. i was thinking about getting some breathing strips to go over my nose over night ....thats more expense. ..i was told i had a polop years ago.

  • Well it seems the polyp is now bothering you and you need it removed. Go back to your GP and request firmly to be referred to ENT.

    I know most people here dislike GPs but unfortunately you are going to have to deal with one to get your referral whether on the NHS or privately.

    There is an issue that GPs are refusing to refer people with nasal problems to ENT on the NHS but if the nasal steriods don't work and you have tried them for around 3 months, you have a right to be referred.

    A GP is not a specialist and until you talk to the right specialist to find out your options you will continue to suffer.

    Most nasal conditions aren't that difficult to sort out but GPs don't like referring people as they want to save money. I was surprised how short the waiting list in my area to see ENT was.

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