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Has anyone any info on this please

I've changed the time of day I take my levo from first thing in the morning to last thing before bed. I'm on 125mg of T4 only. I've been experiencing hypo symptoms for quite a while and am going to pay to get my blood work done but in the meantime, I thought I'd try this change, primarily to see if I sleep any better as the lack of sleep was dreadful. I sleep better but have the most uncomfortable of headaches which has been going on for 5 days now... Do you think it's related to the change and should I revert or persevere?.... Your advice and guidance would be most appreciated..

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I'd give your new regime a chance and your body might settle down. Also, if you have to have a blood test for thyroid hormones, miss night dose and take after test, you can also take your night dose as usual. re your bedtime dose, is your stomach empty, i.e. you've last eaten about two to 2.5 hours before.

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Hello ShazzieJ,

Most t3 to t4 conversion occurs at night, between midnight and 6 am. Studies found that evening doses were just as effective. Other in-depth research is showing that there may be a marked improvement in conversion as this method works better with circadian rhythms.

Your symptoms are possibly down to a higher concentration of hormone. There is also the possibility that there may also be more reverse t3 (rt3) as well, which would suggest checking your free t3 to rt3 ratio now with an up-to-date blood test, as there's no point having more t3 if it gets cancelled out by way more rt3.

Had you thought about splitting the dose as a compromise? In that case, better to have packs of 75mcg and 50mcg tablets (I struggle with splitting tablets!)


I am taking exactly the same dose of Levo as you and I've made the night/morning change many times. I've had no headaches nor other noticeable side effects either.


Apparently some people find they get more effect out of the dose, taking it at bedtime. So you may need slight reduction, but no point testing till been on same nighttime regime for at least 6 weeks.


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