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Stress profile - cortisol testing. Private endocrinologist

Hi looking at a few things;

Apparently I need an adrenal stress saliva test - what do I order? On the website that I am looking at there is also acomplete stress test etc? Confused. I want answers and I want them now. The doctor is convinced I am fine but I know my body and I'm not fine.

Also was hoping I could be pointed into the right direction for a private endocrinologist, I am currently waiting to be transferred back from GP to endo. I have congenital hypothyroidism, so shouldn't be under GP care anyway.

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juliarees82 If you're thinking about the Genova tests then you need END01 for just cortisol and DHEA, or END02 for cortisol, DHEA and Secretory IgA. I think the END01 is the one usually used (I did that one) but I have no knowledge of SIgA other than is an antibody that plays a role in immune function in the mucous membranes. As you were born without a thyroid then I don't know if it would be relevant.

If using Genova you'll need to go through TUK as you need a 'practioner', Genova won't deal direct with the public. This page on TUK's main site has a link to all Genova's tests and explains how to go about ordering and obtaining your results

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I'm going for a saliva test next week for cortisol levels. Can you tell me exactly what that will pin point or tell me. I'm waiting for my Dr's office to mail me my results for B12, Ferrari, VitD etc.. theye did call me and tell me everything was within normal range, but as soon as I get them I'll post them up for feed back.


Hi Nancycm14 I see you are in the US. As I am in the UK I am only familiar with what Genova Diagnostics offer here, which is the 24 hur adrenal stress test - four samples taken at different times throughout the day which gives cortisol levels at those times (roughly four hours apart) and plotted on a graph to show whether they follow the normal curve. There are also results of DHEA from two of the samples to show the levels of DHEA and the ratio of DHEA:Cortisol.

Genova's US site seems to offer the same test, but I don't know if this is the same as you will be having although it may give you some idea

and details of the test here

I hope that helps :)


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