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Hypo- Is it worth going private?

Hello everyone,

I have hypothyroidism and since Nov-15 since being diagnosed my ranges have zig zaged all over the place.

A couple of people have suggested that I should go private to get help. I just wondered about peoples experiences of this. I also wondered if anyone is from the Hastings, East Sussex and could recommend a specialist.

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Hi probably not much help but I was diagnosed hyper this week, I went private because I didn't know how long it would be on NHS for initial appointment even though GP marked it as urgent

the private consultant told me I would be best be followed up by the NHS and cc his letter to him


Not necessarily.

It is worth posting your results and ranges here as the people on here know far more than the vast majority of doctors about the subject being patients.

They then will advise you on what you need to do yourself, give you lots of information that you need to read to understand your condition, and tell you need to ask the doctors for.

Unfortunately with chronic conditions you are responsible for your own health and while a private endo can help you by prescribing the right dosage of medication, if you don't understand your condition their help will only go so far.

The main point of private medicine is to fill the gaps that the NHS can't do. However while you get faster treatment and slightly better treatment it doesn't mean the treatment is perfect as most private doctors, nurses, physios, dieticians etc work or have trained in a state care system.


In general when you go private you get NHS quicker, more convenient, and more polite. But you don't get better medicine.

If Chichester isn't too far there is a holistic doctor there I can highly recommend. Send me a PM


Is the person actually a doctor on the GMC register or just a medical practitioner? There is a difference even if they have a doctorate.


Yes, he's a proper doctor. MBBS MRCS LRCP FFHom

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Thanks for the responses. The two doctors I was looking at where endocrinologists.


Unless the endocrinologists are named on the magic list that Louise Warvill sends out when she is here, I wouldn't bother. They will be working in the NHS and delivering all the standard horrors that bring people here.


He is a member of the British Thyroid Association. Does that make any difference?


If he's not on Louise's list then there is no point being him.


The BTA recommendations are the standard and most who post here have found the standard treatment does not work for them. However , it works for 80% plus . A considerable variation in your results could be due to flare ups .Have you had your antibodies ?


Are you having your blood drawn at the same time when you have your blood tests?

Always have your blood tests around 8 -30a.m. if possible.


Hiya Muffy. Yes, I do and I always take my Levo after the tests.


I have spent loads going private to be told I need hemithyroidectomy which I can't afford privately. So it's only taken a year to go through the NHS system again to get to the point of surgery having been advised by Endo to take Levothyroxine and have a yearly blood test!!! This is something I've been doing for 14 years!!! He or she obviously has not even looked at my notes. I am in incredible pain on morphine currently. Crazy that our health is in the hands of these guys.

I can recommend a consultant in Brighton at Montefiore Hospital or Nuffield i think he does too, Mr Lew-gor.

Best wishes


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