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Hyperthyroidism/raging thyrotoxicosis


Hi all,

Following the results of my blood test last Friday T4 76.2, T3 38.5 and TSH 0.001 (undetectable) My GP referred me to the Endo with the letter market urgent.

Due to me going on holiday 13th next month and not knowing how long the NHS would take I booked a private appointment with an endo called David Scott Coombes for £150. I was told I had raging thyrotoxicosis and was prescribed carbimazole 40mg for 4weeks and then a maintenance dose of 20mg thereafter for approx. 12months then would be taken off and see how I respond (hope its better than I feel now)

I'm going for a blood test for graves on Monday and a further blood test in 6 weeks.

I have a SEN child 6yrs old so not much hope for rest.

Awful does not describe how I feel zero energy

I feel warm but at times cold to although my body is warm

headaches after taking carb

at times a awful feeling in my throat ......this happened before medication


Is it worth getting GP sending me for a vits and mineral test

any other meds I can take with carb

My main question will I feel well to go on holiday in just under 4weeks , if not will GP do a letter for insurance.

Many thanks

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forgot to say palpitations now and again no concentration

Insurance doesn't work like that.

As long as you have disclosed on your travel insurance that you have thyroid disease they will cover you even if you have an emergency while abroad.

If you haven't you need to find a different insurer who will cover you for this. Since you have had the attack your insurance will be more expensive then if you found an insurer months ago when your situation was stable.

This is because insurance policies are priced on the risk of you having an event. Months ago it was likely you weren't going to need emergency treatment so your insurance cover, while more expensive than someone without a thyroid condition, would have been much cheaper. Now if you get it it will be more expensive.

Then if you, personally, are actually in a medical emergency situation abroad regardless of whether it is related to your thyroid or not, the insurer may demand a report from your GP about your health before paying out. So getting a letter before will be useless and a waste of money.

You should be aware that GPs charge for writing letters for travel situations, insurers, courts, and the like so you shouldn't ask for one unless you need it. In the case where an insurer needs a letter from your GP they pay the cost even though they need your consent to get the information from the GP.

Finally while it is always worth having your vitamins and minerals tested both ferritin and vitamin D take months to get to a high enough level where it can improve your health. Vitamin B12 and folate serum levels can increase within a few days but that doesn't mean your body is utilising them.

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thanks, tbh I'm really looking forward to this holiday and plan on telling my insurance next week after blood test for graves

just hope the carb kicks in and I'm feeling better by then

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