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Hi i am new to this,i dont usually post on sites but am feeling scared .I know i have hyper.i am panicking all the time, nervous, hot flushes, feeling sick but the tingling in my head, neck and arms and all this panicking is really scaring me, I have been put on Carbinazole 10mg a day and Diazapan 2mg. i also take propananol which i have been on for 27 years due to panic attacks a long time ago. Reading all these posts am wondering if RAI is a good thing and will get rid of all this. has anyone had the RAI and did it cure tham ?

sorry for moaning :(

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Don't worry. We are all here for moans and groans as we have all done so due to not having suitable responses from doctors or remain undiagnosed. People who don't have a thyroid gland dysfunction have no idea how disabling undiagnosed/undertreated we can feel.

I am hypothyroid and those with hyper will respond to you.


Thank you, i have learned quite a bit from this site already.


I have had RAi twice within 14 months of each other over twenty four years ago. It did not cure me.. some symptoms were just replaced with others. Having said that I was not given any Thyroxine, thanks to yearly TSH blood test being within 'range' for 19 of those years and then only on 25mcg until last September. This forum educated me when I became extremely ill ... I was never told that I have Hashimotos by any GP or Endo. My results were interpreted here. I now am gluten free and taking supplements and slowly improving my gut issues. My antibodies are decreasing thankfully. I am working through this illness with more knowledge since joining this forum. I am much healthier than I was and understand now what is going on with my body. It is less scary when you know what you are up against.


We are all here for a moan and support. Please don't worry. The symptoms are very distressing at times when they aren't treated in the right way. Was it a gp or a consultant put you on the Carbinazole?

I'm hypo and hyper at times as mine is not controlled well either. Some doctors fob you off and take no notice of symptoms as bloods are 'in range'. It's so frustrating.


it was the doctor that put me on them, i have a large goiter also but had that for 7 years and its only been checked once 6 yrs ago, I was reading about the RDI but by the sounds of it i wont be cured totally with that. :(


I think surgery cures symptoms somewhat when a goitre is uncomfortable. I thought RDI had a high cure rate for nodules etc. There's so many conflicting things written up, especially on the net but in books too. The symptoms can be so severe and so individual that it depends how good your GP is or your Endo to get some good treatment to make you feel better. The panics, nervousness and hot sweats are awful to deal with. Someone said to me mind over matter which is easy to say but hard to get yourself together when this is happening to you. You are not alone.

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