Were can I get T3 without presciption my dr would never let me get, and refused test T3. Im ready to just test but first I will try high levothyroxine. I have hortible body pain/ache feel like I have a chronic cold that never go away. Much phlegm and sinuitus problems. I'm swedish and just want to order/test little dose T3. Is there any healthfood store that have T3?

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  • I very much doubt you could get T3 in a health food store, because it is a hormone - prescription only in most countries - not a vitamin or a mineral.

    I'm sure lots of people will PM you sources - they cannot be mentioned on the forum, only by Private Message. :)

  • Thanks, ok that's what I thought, of course it's a hormone and nothing to "play" with. But I think most dr doesn't know much about thyroid issues and the just test TSH. Allright I will se if I get some suggestiones:-)

  • Oh, you're perfectly right! Most doctors know nothing about thyroid. It's an international problem! They think all you have to do is prescribe T4 and get the TSH somewhere in range, problem solved!

    If you don't get any answers, post again. Someone knows! lol

  • I've sent you a PM, but if you can post your test results on here then more experienced members can advise you of dose or necessity. I did that before buying them. :-)

  • Hi Hypo16. I too am in Sweden (British expat), and I've found my doctor very helpful but it is a private practice, not a state one, but that should not make a difference. He does FT3 tests and even sends me a copy of the results, but the big test of his ability will come when I ask him if I can add some T3 (Liothyronin) to my Levaxin. :-D He is currently on his 4 weeks semester - you know what it's like - so I will wait. Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Leabrook, Sweden:-) you're lucky to have found a good private dr. I rread your other posts and I wandering if you have been diagnosed with hashimoto's? Will you ask for T3 or do you feel ok on levothyroxine? I don't feel ok so now I will test little 5mg T3 on my own. I will not go to "vardcentralen" one more time and fight!

  • hypo16 I have been on Levaxin since being diagnosed in April 2015, and currently take 150mcg a day. Not feeling too bad but I know I could feel better, but with my FT4 now at the top of the range I think I would feel better reducing Levo and adding a small amount of T3. So after his semester I'm thinking of asking doc for T3....not sure what his reaction will be. :-) Yes i do have TPO antibodies. I think to be really safe you will need T3 and T4 testing before you start self medicating. Don't know if you can get blood tests done privately in Sweden! Take care.

  • Hi, did you get any t3 OFF prescription? I can't afford to see Dr Peatfield again as I'm too ill to work. I think I'm not converting well as been on ndt for a year plus a bus load of supplements & still struggling with fatigue weakness & weight issues. I had a small improvement in some respects but not enough to do a full time job but was kicked off ESA last year for not being sick enough! So am being forced to look for work 😕 I've also tried LDN with little success I'm currently titrating back down from 4.5mls. Thanks

  • Hello, no I haven't tried yet, have other health problems that I have check out first. I have also started a new job and it takes a lot of enegy and I feel very bad, not easy but here you have to be your own doctor... Hope you can get some T3, take care!

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