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Changes in blood results


I was just wondering what may have caused an increase in my TSH, my TSH results have been as follows for the last 4 tests since I was diagnosed.

Dec - 5.9

Feb - 4.25

Apr- 2.9

Jul - 6.9

All the way through I have had dose increases. Between April and July I had 2 dose increases and was starting to feel better taking 100mcg a day and then when I came back from holiday approx 4 weeks ago, have started to feel progressively worse. My dose was increased at my last blood test to 125mcg but I am still left wondering why the jump in my TSH.

I phoned my doc this morning as I feel dreadful but he said he won't increase my dose until my next blood test. I mentioned that I couldn't focus, exhausted (off work) and had low mood and he has now suggested that I need a mental assessment tomorrow. I couldn't believe it.

I feel so frustrated and non-surprised very low now

Any help?



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CBann Would you mind editing your post so that members can a get clearer picture please.

Eg - when were you diagnosed, your starting dose, what your Levo dose was at each test and what increase was made.

You can edit your post by clicking on the down arrow under your post and choosing 'edit' from the drop down menu.

Also, have you had thyroid antibodies tested?


Reading some of your previous posts you say you have not ever had antibodies tested and that GP won't do them

Suggest you get these done privately then

There are two sorts of thyroid antibody. If you are high in either or both then this means Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid - the most common cause of being hypo.

Adopting a 100% gluten free diet can improve Hashimoto's symptoms and lower antibodies. Also selenium supplements may also lower antibodies.

Did you start supplementing B12 yet to improve you mid range levels? As recommended in previous posting answers


Were all the tests at the same time of day and fasting? Did you eat differently while on holiday? It's a shame there are no Free T4 and free T3 results as those are the important ones. It looks as though you need a dose increase as your TSH is well over range (on meds it should be under 1) - 100 is quite a low dose.

it would be worth getting ferritin, B12, D3 and folate tested as you can't make use of the levo unless those are at optimum levels (not just in range).


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