NDT and pregnancy

Hello everyone . I'm after some helpful preferably happy stories related to pregnancy and NDT please. What are the general experiences? What support/care did you have and how were your levels as well as how were they managed ? How does taking NDT vary to a pregnancy journey on thyroxine for example? Also wondering how long it took people to get the correct levels required to think seriously about conceiving. Thanks in advance .

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  • Katoir,

    My understanding is that in UK endocrinologists tend to switch patients from T4+T3 or NDT to Levothyroxine for the duration of the pregnancy. You will probably get advice on USA or Canadian fora.

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  • Mm..... Ok Thanks .

    And if I was doing ok and didn't want to switch ?

    Wouldn't it mess us around switching from one to another.

  • Katoir,

    Nobody can force you to switch back to Levothyroxine but if the endo isn't familiar with NDT s/he may decline to monitor you unless you do.

  • From my research it seems as long as the ft3 and ft4 are in the right places the TSH could be redundant . Hoping doctor p will continue to be my support but he has been unwell and waiting to hear how he is .

    Suppressed TSH is common with NDT so I guess it's a case of explaining that and seeing what happens . I might be pleasantly surprised by the reaction .

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