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Tsh and conception

I've just had results back from my basic GP routine bloods and he says "no action required". My TSH is 0.23 and T4 is 22.1. Given I've been trying to get pregnant for over a year, can anyone tell me whether these number are suitable for getting pregnant??

Reading recommended links I've found conflicting info! I've read that TSH should be above 0.5, above 2.5, above 1.0, and anything below 5! Feeling confused! Even respected sources don't agree and I'm worried mine is low.

Still waiting for my detailed private blood tests to take place next week so will know more then.

I take 175 levo.

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The numbers suggest you are a touch over-medicated. How do you feel? If you are OK you could try reducing by 25 mcg to see if you are still OK. You would probably need to reinstate the 25 mcg once you conceive. I'm not expert on this but I don't think being marginally high on your fT4 would affect your fertility.


The only thing my ends told me is optimal fir conception is FT4 between 20-26 (higher end basically) and TSH below 1. But if you've been trying for a year, they now should be offering you fertility tests.

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Hi when we were going through assisted fertility after trying for about 3 years unsuccessfully my thyroidism was flagged up and my tsh was 3.4 I'm on 100mcg Levo and it was only when my tsh dropped below 1 we finally fell on. After 5 years! Your numbers look good to me. My tsh on my booking bloods were 0.36 and free t4 20.8. Which they were very happy with. In hindsight they reckon my tsh was the reason I wasn't getting pregnant but there were other factors in our case. Another lady mentioned you could ask for fertility investigation. That sounds like a good idea now you have crossed the 12 month mark. I don't think they will adjust your meds, as your within target ranges xxx


Thank you! I've already got private blood tests for a detailed thyroid check and all the vitamins etc booked for Tuesday morning so I'll post them once I get results.


I have a theory about this. I am in the same boat, I think a tsh below 2.5 is fine. I believe it's the anti bodies causing the issues for me. I think with hashis the immune system is so over charged it won't allow a pregnancy to take. Research the th1/th2 balance and conception. I'm on LDN to lower anti bodies....after years of trying and two MCs... currently three days late and sick to my stomach everyday. ... we shall see. To scared to take my 200th test. Haha. Good luck


Wow, well fingers crossed for you!!!

I think it will be antibodies causing me the issue too as my mum has hashimotos, I'm being tested on Tuesday! I didn't know you can take anything to deal with the antibodies.

I've started normal fertility testing and everything so far is normal for both of us. I was 5 days late once, and remember when it was about 3 days late my mouth filling with the most metallic taste ever like a mouth full of old pennies! No idea is this was something that couldn't be sustained.

Good luck with your test!!!xx


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