Excruciating Continous stomach Ache

Good afternoon everyone,

This is now day four of my awful everlasting stomach ache, last night the pain spread around my lower back as well. I have taken pain killers which just about make things bearable. Is this to do with Thyroid or is this because of my early menopause. My fibro is really bad as well, I just feel really really Ill, can any one shed any light on this please, I am really suffering : <

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  • K-W,

    I think you should see your GP. Painful ongoing stomach ache is unlikely to be due to either thyroid or menopause.

  • Thank you Clutter, I am trying to hold off until my hospital appointment Tuesday. I used to get this before I started on the betaine but i am taking a lot of that, so Its not likely to be that.

  • I agree with Clutter. Get checked out with a doctor or A&E.

  • Hello Shaws, there are only going to put it down to 'womens problems' even more now with my lastest diagnoses of a very early menopause. When I feel like this i can be grumpy and I know if one of them turns round and labels it as such, i will get annoyed. I have barely slept in these four days.

    Is there nothing I can get from the Chemist, I do have the hospital Tuesday.

  • Has your doctor ruled out pancreatitis or any of the myriad other possible causes? Four days of stomach ache which has spread around to your back should not be "normal" in anyone's eyes.

    I'm with shaws and Clutter here - you need to see a doctor about this.

  • Thank you Hunny59, I will make an appointment,

  • Tuesday is a week away, and there are things that most certainly cannot wait. I had a member of staff try to tough out a 'stomach ache' which turned out to be a twisted bowel. She waited too long, and ended up in intensive care for a week, and with a bag for the rest of her life.

    If the doctor won't see you today, go to A&E. This is not a frivolity.

  • Hello Ruthi,

    This is something I have had before, it went on for three months so I went to the doctor, who then said you need to go for a scan, a few months later had the scan but they couldn't see anything so I was just sent away - still in all this pain. Finally worked out that it was because of my low stomach acid, but I am taking a lot of that, so i don't think it is that this time.

    Doctors have ruined my health and some 5 years on I am still trying to pick up the pieces. I will make an appointment but I will be almost certain they will be no use at all, just using up what little energy I have left.

    I am so sorry to hear about your staff member.

    I do appreciate the help, but doctors don't have the answer in my case

  • OK. Well if it is the same pain then that suggests its heartburn and should be relieved by a large dose of gaviscon. But it won't last for long. You should stop the betaine anyway, and see what difference it makes. It is powerful stuff, as I have learned to my cost when I had a gastritis flare.

    If you were my daughter, I'd put you in the car and take you to A&E anyway. They are a whole different ball game to GPs, and very, very good at working out what is going on. If they fail you are no worse off, after all.

    Who is this appointment with - is there any reason to suppose that they will be able to help? You come here asking what to take, but we really cannot help you because we cannot know what is causing your pain.

  • Hello Ruthi,

    I don't think the pain is due to too much betaine. I do wonder if it is to do with the fibro flare up.

    The appointment at the hospital is regarding the very early menopause, I can't have any treatment until they have rule out other things, although I have already ordered some treatment, it would be here till well after the appointment.

    I appreciate that it is hard to know what has caused the pain, i was hoping someone had been in a simillar situtation and had the magic answer.

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