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Back to the vest 😕

I have been pretty good on two and a half grains of NDT for the last few weeks , but the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse and I am freezing .

The old adage not to cast a clout till May is out has gone by the board and I am wearing my vest and a jumper lol .

I thought some people reduce their meds in the summer (joke) should I increase mine a little to see if I can warm up?


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If you are feeling cold (clinical symptom) an increase in meds might do the trick. You should take your pulse/temp regularly whilst trying to reach an optimum as they can be a good indicator if your dose is optimum.


Thanks shaws

I have inadvertently taken an extra three quarters of a grain while talking but feel ok lol

Temperature and pulse are usually fine .

Thank you for your reply


I'm freezing as well, under a fleece at the mo and got the heating back on.

I did laugh when I saw your headline 'Back to the Vest'... I thought it was a typo error and you had gone to the 'VETS"..LOL xx


Haha boo , I think I would be better off at the vet's .

I have a water bottle for my feet all year round . X


Vets are usually better at sorting out animals than the GPs with humans, so maybe we should consult the vet :)

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