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Anyone know of any T3 Prescribing endos, in the Gloucestershire / Bristol / Bath area?

Hi everyone, does anyone know of any endos both private and NHS in the Glos, Bristol, Bath area who still prescribe T3 ?? Also, a study on T3 was recently published that suggests T3 doesn't have a significant effect and therefore isn't cost effective has anyone read this or have a copy of this they could send me??

Many thanks!

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Email for a list of member recommended endos. You'll need to check with their offices whether or not they prescribe T3, not all endos do.

There are numerous studies and articles which claim T3 is not effective or describe it as a placebo. If that were true I have to wonder why I was prescribed T3 only for 3 months post thyroidectomy while I was waiting for RAI ablatement.


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