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Got my new FT3 and FT4 results. What's now?

Hi all,

Finally, I have managed to test my Free T3 and T4! But no reverse T3 available in the lab. They even don't know it!

First, this was my lab result with t4 only i.e. prior to the t3+t4 treatment: T4- 107.1, TSH: 4.20.

Then, after being on 50 mcg of t4 and ~6mcg of t3 for more than 2 weeks, this is my final result today: FT3- 13.11, FT4- 28.48 & TSH- .021.

I still have all the symptoms with t4+t3 (depression, headache, plus increasing heart-beat and fear). I also tried T3-only for one day & felt terrible, so gave up that.

So, what should be my dose now? I have visited another new doctor and he is also reluctant to use t3 and other natural thyroids which are totally unavailable in the country.

Over all, I see no hope. It took only one medication to ruin my life--Levothyroxine!

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SohanFrankyy You haven't given any ranges for your test results. It's not possible to comment without them as the numbers certainly don't look like they are tests done in the UK. If you have the reference ranges please post them so members can help.

Also, you only added T3 just over two weeks ago, and looking at your previous post you reduced your Levo. It will take more than two weeks for any change to medication to take effect, more so for Levo, less so for T3. In fact, in your last post Clutter advised you:

"T3 works faster than T4 but it isn't an instant fix and can take several weeks to metabolise. It is better to start on a low dose in case you have problems tolerating it. It is not uncommon for people to have headaches, dizziness and other adverse effects for a week or two when they introduce T3. 6.25mcg T3 added to a reduced dose of 50mcg T4 is equivalent to 68.75mcg T4. If you need to, add a second 6.25mcg T3 dose in 2 weeks."

You could follow Clutter's advice but you do need to have a bit of patience, as Clutter says, it's not a quick fix.

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply.

Here is the range of FT3: 2.80 - 7.10 pmol/L & FT4: 12.0 - 22.0 pmol/L.

My results are: FT3: 13.11pmol/L & FT4: 28.48 pmol/L. My TSH has decreased from 4 to .021, which is slightly below to the normal range.

Actually it's been more than two weeks and still I have suicidal thoughts and brain fogginess. But I am still going on with T3+T4.

I am entagled with my doses and no doctor here is to confer also! Can you please again suggest me the dose by concidering all the test results and ranges?



SohanFrankyy From what you have written I understand your results to be -

Previously (was this when you were on 75mcg T4?):

TSH: 4.2 (no range given)

FT4: 107.1 (12-22)

[considering the range that looks a very strange/high FT4 which, if correct, doesn't indicate hypothyroidism whereas the TSH does indicate your thyroid may be struggling, are you sure the FT4 figure is correct?]

On 50mcg T4/6mcg T3:

TSH: .021 (no range given)

FT4: 28.8 (12-22)

FT3: 13.11 (2.8-7.10)

The latest figures indicate over replacement with thyroid medication. Your FT4 is approx 165% of range and FT3 is approx 239% of range. Generally, both should be on their upper quarters of their ranges with FT3 higher in it's range than FT4 is in it's range. It's important for FT3 to be in range.

My understanding is that you need to reduce both T4 and T3 but I am not medically trained. However, there are members who are more knowledgeable than me so it may be an idea to start a new post, possibly mentioning Clutter to alert her to your post by putting @ in front of her name as she gave you suggestions in your previous post.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I was on 75mcg of levo prior to the t4+t3 combo. and you have understand my all points except the result 107.1 is of only T4 not FT4.

I have posted another thread and tagged you and Clutter there.


So it's Total T4 not FT4. There is nothing to compare your current FT4 with then. So my conclusion, based on your current results, stands ie I think you are over medicated.

For other opinions I would suggest you stick to your new thread which I've just posted a reply on, as it will get confusing otherwise. I'll edit my reply on there.


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