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Excited about NDT levels way to early :( How do I tell it's leveled?

So, I was really excited that I was at the right NDT level last week at 1.5 grains having been at it for 2 weeks and a whole month on NDT and thought I was in the clear... how wrong was I!

Turned out because of the complete lack of memory function, I forgot this happened when I switched from 1 to 1.5 grains too: where I woke up just after the 2 week mark (thinking "oh great, this is the right amount") I felt really tired and a bit tingly... and well... undermedicated. I popped up to 2 grains (adding a 1/2 grain pm dose) yesterday but no improvement just yet (when I upped dose the last time the difference was almost immediate).

Is this kind of up/down curve expected? My resting heart rate is holding pretty steady at 65-70 (from 55-60) but body temp has dropped from an improved 35.7 to 35.2 again...

Thanks everyone for your help!

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In a word, yes. Up and down is sadly par for the course. But you will find the right level for you if you keep doing what you're doing. Don't be tempted to raise your dose too fast - overshooting makes you feel way worse and can set you back considerably. Give 2 grains a good 3-4 weeks before raising again - it takes that long for the T4 in NDT to get into your system properly.


Thanks for your advice!


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