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are all the members here from the uk.. there are so many its hard to keep track..i have looked at the section where it tells you people near to there a section. that defines the different catagories of illnesses... for example i am virtually housebound and some days sofa/bed bound . so would love to chat to someone similar so we can encourage each other rather than someone who is managing to hold down a job.. i also dont want to take up administrator valuable time when just getting in touch for a moan.

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Sorry, there aren't any sections like that. People sometimes don't fill in their profiles either, so you can't even find people like that, unfortunately.

There are different topics which people can use to categorise their posts, but people often don't use those either! Sorry!




No, not all members are from the UK. There are a lot from the US, some from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Southern Ireland, Holland, Sweden... and that's what I can think of off the top of my head. And, there are quite a few of us in France - mainly British expats, though. Which is my case. It just goes to show that this is an international problem.

If you want to find people in more or less the same boat as you, I suggest you just keep reading post. And, when you come across someone that sounds like you, PM them and ask if they want to chat. :)


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