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Sickness bug

Hi Everyone

On Thursday I suddenly became unwell feeling hot, very tired, weak and a slight sore throat. I phoned my gp for advice who asked me to come in to see him.

He said all my glands were up and checked my throat which looked fine. He said is was a sickness bug and if it doesn't pass within the next few days to go back to see him.

He explained that the carbimazole can make the sickness bug worse/last longer.

My endo is constantly telling me any sign of illness/infection to see gp straight away, but gp seemed quite calm and acting like it wasn't urgent. Did i need to see gp or next time should i just wait and see if its a bug?

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ShAzZy83, I've no personal experience of taking carbimazole, but until someone else comes along who can speak from their own experience, here's my twopence worth...

I would suggest having a read of the PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) that comes with your carbimazole. It should have full details of side effects to be aware of etc.

You don't clarify whether or not you're feeling better now. If not, and your current illness symptoms are listed, it would be a good idea to go back to your GP and show him the leaflet. It may be that your dose needs adjusting for example. GPs are not always as knowledgeable about these things as we would hope them to be. Better safe than sorry in my opinion :)

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Hi ShAzZy83, just wondering - have you ever had Glandular Fever?


Hi no never had glandular fever

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