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Educate Your Immune System

An interesting piece highlighted my Amy Myers MD in the New York Times.

The world today is very different from the one our immune system evolved to anticipate — not just in what we encounter, but in when we first encounter it. Preventing autoimmune disorders may require emulating aspects of that “dirtier” world: safely bottling the kinds of microbes that protect the Russian kids, so we can give them to everyone and guide the “postmodern” immune system along a healthier path of development.

Again we see that our need to keep everything ultra clean may be doing more harm than good, although if autoimmune is related to not getting mucky, in my case, I'd be surprised as I was very much a 'play out in the muck' kid.

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People often admire Finland or more so our health care and system, but that article shows Finland is the promised land of autoimmune diseases. We are over hygienic and prescribed ridiculous amounts of antibiotics.

Our recommended diet sucks underlining drinking milk is good thing.

We are so good on paper but in reality we do everything so wrong.

I have had pets and been playing outside etc and had no allergies until tons of unnecessary antibiotics. Tho I had my first antibiotics when I was just two weeks. Maybe that started something and more antibiotics later on caused a havoc. Dunno.

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Also from the New York Times, but a step too far for most!

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Ah yes, I read this, well most of it until I started to feel a little ill. Still believe that there some value in the path of experiments.

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