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Advice for appointment today

Hi, l am meeting again with my GP this morning to try and get my thyroxine put back to 75 my normal. I have experienced dreadful symptoms since she reduced it to 50 and she advised a antidepressants. What can I say to convince that my dosage is too low. I've have already explained my fatigue, foggy brain, dizziness, and she won't budge because the bloods came back normal. Each day l am functioning less.

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'Normal' is not the same as 'optimal'. Insist that you want to go back to your previous dose. Don't be fobbed off with 'normal'.

Have you had tests for vitamins/minerals such as vit D, ferritin, folate etc (trying to remember the list!) Your doc will do some of them

- see this page from ThyroidUK


Make sure you get a printout of your recent blood tests and post on here for comments.

Antidepressants can disagree with thyroid problems / meds. Have a look at this page from the thyroidUK website about drugs & chemicals that can cause problems


Keep fighting.


Thanks Anthea55, l am nervous about going but will try my best and insist. Pick up the blood test results at the same time 😊 big thanks


When talking to doctors it's best not to emphasise brain fog and depression. This is because aren't depressed you are undermedicated.

If she says how you feel tell her you fall asleep all the time even after having a normal amount of sleep at night, and the tiredness means you can't think and function properly.

Also show her physical signs if you have them of problems such as splitting nails and put them in front of her face if you have to.


Thanks Bluebug. My GP accepted it today when I said l don't have depression. Your right l have splitting nails...so much to learn 😊



Point out that TSH 0.35 and 4.00 are both normal but that most patients will feel better with TSH 1.0 or lower. See Treatment Options in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

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Thanks to everyone who provided advice for my GP appt today. My Levothyroxine has been increased to 75 again and also writing to the endocrinologist and sending me for more blood tests to check out Vit D, B12, Folate, Magnesium and Zinc. My last results came back TSH level normal no action 1.77. Prior to this the last test revealed Serum TSH 0.27 - 4.20. with 0.11mu/L. I hope this makes some sense. Not sure how to put on a photo of results


No point in testing magnesium, it will always come back in-range. But you are probably deficient, anyway. Most people are, and being hypo will make it worse. :)


Explain that as anti-depressants negate thyroxine there is little point in taking both! Resist all attempts to put you on anti - depressants as any symptoms are usually a symptom of under active thyroid.


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