Trigger finger causes

I wonder if anyone coukd comment on whether trigger finger is a side effect of untreated hypo , I'm going to Dr may have to have it released with surgery .. I'm looking at changing to NDT have ordered some , wonder if it might go if I was properly medicated ie if T3 was well up ,, also is it linked to my other joint problems bursitis etc .thankyou

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  • It's not fully understood what causes it but as with carpal tunnel it seems to be more common in hypo people. Also repetitive movement is a risk factor. I have trigger thumb which is incredibly difficult and painful, I'm due a steroid injection in a couple of weeks but it's only a temporary fix. I had carpal tunnel release on the same hand 6 months ago and I now have trigger thumb and joint problems, don't think it's connected as the joints in my other hand are causing arthritis type pains, it's all come on quite quickly so my doc is thinking inflammatory link.

  • Thanks for that .. Yes my other hand and just about every other joint is stiff .. Just wondered . So steroids don't really do it for long then . ?

  • Mixed results with steroid injections, can work very well or not at all, can be very painful at the time and afterwards so I'm not keen on trying it but no choice really. My problem is the joint at the base of my thumb is worn out and extremely painful so along with the trapped ligament and popping thumb it's double whammy, the steroid might help the ligament but it won't fix the joint long term. My brother in law had serious trigger thumb, didn't have any treatment but it got better anyway.

  • Oh dear , that's what I'm wondering it might be wear and tear arthrurus

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