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Sad or funny story. --- you choose

I was diagnosed 15 years ago and take 125mcg of Levo per day. Up to now I could not get my results but after helpful advice here and some form filling a week or so ago I was told they would call me when they had them. Today I got the call and on the way there was trying to decide what the best method of capturing the data so I could get further advice. Imagine my disappointment when I opened my envelope and found just the one line. Serum TSH level 2.75mUl range 0.30-3.94mUl. 15 years and 1 week and the bare minimum.

Fortunately I sent a sample off privately this morning

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Hi, That is a shame. Was this the only test that they did on you? If so go back and ask for all the advised ones to be done. Then get your results printed off by the surgery. If they did all the other test you are still entitled to get them. I remember wandering what had happened to my Vit D results ..then it slipped my mind to ask. Weeks later when they finally showed up, I was told that Vit D test always take longer for the results to come through. x


How frustrating! I paid £10 to get my entire medical notes that the surgery held. Perhaps something to consider?


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