The Hoshimoto summit! Questions on gluten and LDN

Hello I am listening to these talks and completely amazed by the amount of info and specifically the info on gluten and dairy, and the idea of the paleo diet.

Has anyone else any experience of this. I am vegetarian! If I do the paleo diet what do I eat?


I have come across this drug in the talks and on the comments and I wondered if anyone else on this forum has experience of it.

Apparently it is like a miracle cure for autoimmune disease and takes away brain fog and post exercise joint pains, both of which I suffer from

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  • I'm loving the talks too Afshan64, so far I've listened to 6!! I found Izabella Wentz's talk really interesting and Dr Tom O'Bryan is great too!

    I'm currently Paleo, not sure if you could google vegetarian Paleo and see what comes up?

    I too am very excited about LDN but need to read up some more on it, thanks for the link 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Hi K1k Belle....yes most of the talks are very high quality and the speakers seem very knowledgeable. To be honest I am amazed by the info I am hearing and how it makes so much sense in terms of my own health issues. in the last 6 months I ve seen a nutritionist, and a gut specialist about IBS, a thyroid doctor, and a bone specialist about early onset osteoporosis. NONE of these specialist consultants connected my symptoms to autoimmunity . ALL of those consultations ended up as a dead end with me left with my symptoms and no answers. Even though I directly asked the thyroid expert ( who happens to be a very senior figure in British thyroid clinicians ) if my other symptoms such as bone issues low vit D and IBs may be linked to thyroid, he had no ideas really and was a complete waste of money.. My own GP decided that i must be depressed as I was tired of aches and pains and kept on asking them to check things, so they gave me antidepressants. I didn't take them as I know I am not depressed, just tired of feeling unwell. ...these talks are kind of linking all this and the way they seem to act as if it is common knowledge in the USA, but here in the UK we seems decades behind.

  • Thanks Marz ..I am quite new to this forum so just discovering all this 😀

  • No worries - I was not being lazy and trying to be helpful :-) You can type whatever you want into the Search thyroid UK - at the top of the page and press Enter ....

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