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Graves returned?



I was diagnosed with Graves in September 2014 at 20, with no apparent family history of any thyroid disorders . My T4 level at that point was 55. I was on Carbimazole until April this year, with my T4 Levels staying around 12-15 whilst on carbimazole. I had my bloods done last week and my TSH has gone down to 0.01 and T4 up to 22. Does this sound like the Graves has returned ? Im under a consultant and she said on my visit in april I would have to discuss difinitive treatments if it returned.


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There was no history of Graves' in my family either but my grandmother had pernicious anaemia which is where the connection comes from. I even took part in medical trials in Birmingham investigating the links between Graves' and pernicious anaemia back around 2003.

Yes. I'm afraid so. Looks like it's returned. You need to get back on the carbimazole. Alex

Look up Dr. Amy Myers, she has a great book out called 'The Autoimmune Solution' I believe! She herself once had Graves and helps people to put it into Remission 👍🏼

You are going over active again , expect no help tell your blood tests fall in to their range , I hope you get help soon . I also have Graves feel terrible , like you my TSH is surpressed but T4 not high enough to be concidered ILL again , I know excatley how your feeling, hopefull one day doctors will understand GD and stop dismissing people with god awful symptons

Thanks everyone, My last blood test was in april so my T4 has risen from 15 to 22 in 2 months, looks like it might keep going up. Starting to feel all the symptoms again its such an awful thing to go through as it really messes up your whole body and mind! Luckily my doctors have been really good and diagnosed me straight away and have now reacted quickly with these bloods, no word from my consultant.

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