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Undiagnosed but want to self medicate !!!

Hello, I'm pretty certain I am suffering from an underactive thryroid. I am depressed, tired all the time and have been constantly gaining weight. i shouldn't be this size, i eat healthily and i'm just gettng bigger and bigger. I've been to the doctors a few times but always leave feeling completely let down. i've had blood tests which have come back normal. I KNOW there is something wrong with me. I also can't pinch my skin at all which i know is a sign of hypothyroidism. i'm not going back to the doctors, last time i went i had a really rude doctor who rolled her eyes at me and i cried for hours. I am absolutely sick of this weight gain it is ruining my life, I have no confidence.

Is anyone else in the same situatuation as me ? has anyone else self medicated ?

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Quite a few members self medicate when they can't get the help they need from their doctors.

Do you have your thyroid test results? Normal doesn't mean anything other than they are in range but it's where in range that matters. If you can get your results from your surgery (you are entitled to them under the Data Protection Act) and put them in a new post, along with the important reference ranges, then members can make suggestions.


Hi Hattie,

I've been self-medicating since last summer. I feel considerably better for taking NDT, & especially for not being cold all the time. I'm only slightly lower in weight from a year ago, but I eat about 50% more.



I would love to know how you get your medication...I self medicate too but lost my source for NDT (Nature Throid).




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