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Adrenaline Rushes and Pituitary

Hello friends, I posted before about my adrenaline rushes during my sleep. I have a low tsh (suppressed <0.3) due to pituitary dysfunction. I took levothyroxine and it helped me a lot but still experiencing these rushes almost every night.

Is it possible that my body experiences low cortisol during sleep and it is compensating by adrenaline?

My morning cortisol looks normal, The hospital I go to doesn't have ACTH stimulation test.

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I wonder if your GP will prescribe a very small dose of beta-blocker. I take before bed as instructed by the Cardiologist.

Also Vitamin C may be helpful with adrenal problems.


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I saw one comment in my email which is not showing up now.

What I mean with adrenaline rush?

A sudden wake up early morning after a few hours of peaceful sleep with heart pounding and being very alert. Initially I feel very well then I start to get very exhausted yet cannot go back to sleep till afternoon.


Your body starts to produce cortisol naturally around 3am so the highest levels are first thing in the morning. Do you take Hydrocortisone for your pituitary issues?


3-4 am is the time I wake up with the symptoms described above. What is the relationship between the time cortisol is supposed to be at the highest level, my symptoms and the dysfunctional pituitary?

I'm trying to understand more so I can talk to my doctor to see if I need hydrocortisone.


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