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Help T3 and the Times

I Have heard from Billy Kenber author of the Times article today. He is thinking of writing an article on T3 and is going to phone me tomorrow morning. Is there anyone in Admin/very knowledgable who would like to PM me there telephone number who wouldnt mind talking to Billy should I get stuck, would hate to pass over this potential opportunity or mess it up. Also contacted MP.

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I think I'd try sending a private message to Lyn Mynott - the Thyroid UK office os closed at weekends but she might just see it.


Lyn may be following this as she's already seen the Times article



That's brilliant news!!!


That's great news, congrats on your hard work


I raised this issue with Ministers a year ago and got bland responses about differential pricing for various reasons but no willingness to do anything.


The Times article made me seriously question the relationship between AMCo and Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd. So I have emailed their contact point:


The Times of 6th June 2016 contains a story about AMCo and Liothyronine in which they are quoted as saying: "incredibly difficult to manufacture and to release on to the market" and that AMCo are spending "significant sums" to ensure it could guarantee a steady supply.

Your website claims:

Custom Can!

“Our flexibility, passion and problem-solving approach are sources of innovation that have kept us moving forward for more than 35 years.”

Barbara Easton, Operations Director

To me it appears that you claim that you can do almost anything. Yet AMCo appear to be saying that manufacture of liothyronine tablets is so difficult they have struggled to achieve it. Despite the fact that AMCO don't manufacture them. You do.

Their claim about spending "significant sums" also seems odd if they are not actually manufacturing anything. Surely any required investment would be made by you?

I wonder if you would care to make any response?

Perhaps Billy Kenber would consider this line of investigation?


Helvella, ever thought of a job in journalism. Why don't you copy letter to Billy. I sent him a mail stating product is old and manufacture hardly rocket science etc., statement made by AMCo is nonsense.


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