Times Article about Extortionate Prices of Drugs

The Times magazine has an article today but I can't see the whole article. I think it's about Amdipharm but may not be. Can anyone access The Times and send me the article please? enquiries@thyroiduk.org


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This was posted earlier today. Might be of help


Thanks! These people are involved in Amdipharm which is relevant to what's going on re T3....

Words fail me (words that I can write here that is)


I purchased the newspaper, it goes across four pages. I think you can get a short term online subscription for £1 if noone can send you a copy.

I have just written a letter to the editor. I will send you a copy by e-mail but it is not for public viewing as I don't want to compromise my chance of having it published.


Received your letter. Have just sent an email to the journalist asking him to look into this further. Fingers crossed! :-)

Just to correct my comment, it is £1 per week for a minimum of 12 weeks and then £6 a week.

Full report: imgur.com/a/U42vD

Thanks girlafraid.

There's a petition on 38 Degrees.


I've also put this on the other two threads on the subject.

My husband and I have both signed.

I remember when MercuryPharma stopped its Brand but continued to make a generic which was identical. We all asked for months was this a temporary move because it made no sense unless what the company was doing was financially motivated. Well we now have our answer.......

Do we now expect the price of levothyroxine to rocket?

Have a feeling they might not get away with that one quite so easily!

Words fail me... Thank you girlafraid for posting the whole article and associated articles. One can only hope that these leeches lose their fortunes, then catch something that they'll need their own overpriced drugs to maintain a relatively decent quality of life and get turned down... Karma...

It seems that The Times have published an article today which specifically addresses the price increase of liothyronine. I'll try to get hold of a copy later and upload photos again.

We've just put it onto HU. The Times interviewed me yesterday.

OH, thanks Lyn! I didn't spot that! :)

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