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Soak almonds to remove goitrogens?

After doing an internet search on how to make my own nut milk, I came across this info.

'Nuts, seeds, and grains are nutritional powerhouses. But in order to capitalize on their nutritional profile and protect ourselves from natural toxins that protect them but harm us, they need to be soaked and dehydrated or sprouted.

Some of the principle reasons why soaking is beneficial to our health:

it removes anti-nutrients like phytates, tannins and goitrogens

it helps to neutralise enzyme inhibitors

it increases the potency of nutrients such as Vitamin B

it makes proteins more readily available

it eradicate toxins contained in the colon and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like lactobacilli which we know is vital for intestinal and colon health

it promotes the growth of healthy enzymes vital for healthy digestion'

Tomorrow, I'm off to buy almonds !!!

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With almonds you can parboil them. drain and slip the skin off. Then you have the naked almond. From here you can eat them raw or you can roast them. I think it is safer to do this than just to eat them with the brown skin on. They can be contaminated with bacteria like salmonella etc. This is how my grandmother did things and I think what she did made a lot of sense.


You've reminded me of this bit of fun from a few years ago:

But yes, sprouting seeds and beans (with sensible precautions) for consumption is a Good Thing.

And now, quoting my favourite tweet from the link above: "Time for bed: lights off, blinds down, almonds deactivated." ;-)


Soaking is great. The Hemsley and Hemsley cookbook explains the process in more detail!


I just realised that sounded like you haven't explained in detail birdie which you definitely have! What I meant was they have lots of recipes with soaked or 'activated' nuts and beans!

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Thx for the info Chloecelia ~ I'll check it out. I'm looking at ways to support the thyroid and I've a feeling that looking after gut health is a very good idea 😊

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I like the idea that goitrogens are soaked out plus making my own almond milk will be a lot healthier than the bought stuff 👌


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