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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 3 years ago, which is controlled pretty well with natural thyroid. However, my complexion seems to get worse and worse - it's driving me mad. I have never suffered from spots/acne before the hypothyroidism, but now get a mix of little pus-filled spots all over my cheeks (mainly) and large red lumps, which sometimes contain pus and sometimes don't, again mainly on my cheeks and the side of my face, but occasionally on my forehead and chin.

Any suggestions for how to control or get rid of these spots would be greatly appreciated.


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I got acne in my 30's for the first time, I never had it as a teen, turned out my body couldn't cope with gluten, diet is often a good place to look when you have skin issues (skin being the largest organ)...


Hello RosF. I too have this problem, although with some sunshine it seems better. I cannot offer any advice really, as everything I try makes it worse. The spots on my eyes and on the rim of my eyelids are the most painful. My skin seemed ultra sensitive and I cannot wear any makeup when I have a flare up. Aloe Vera gel ( straight from the plant), gave me some relief. My doctor is not one bit interested and I know it's far from life threatening but it's another symptom on the long list of being hypothyroid. As well as the spots which always have small heads filled with pus, I can feel a rash over my cheeks which feels slightly itchy. I've gone through all my 64 years with really good skin, so I can only assume it's a hormonal issue. Who know.....! If you find the answer let me know :)


I've tried a gluten free diet, but that didn't seem to make any difference. As Suzy61 says, nothing seems to improve it (although Sudocrem does seem to reduce the redness and swelling) - my skin problems sound identical to hers although (fortunately) so far I haven't had spots on my eyelids. The spots are also combined with very dry flaky skin, which you wouldn't normally expect. What is odd is that the spots and bumpy rash on my cheeks seems to be better in the mornings and get worse during the course of the day.


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