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Had Thyroid Scan And Uptake Test Today and Anti Bodies Blood Test Question Thanks x


Yep it was kinda scary having this done as ot all had been a bit of a rush as to why i was biocbemically toxic due to a sudden hyperthyroid ........As said have had the ultra scan done on my thyroid already ...which showed possible auto immune hyperthyroiditis ....and they having trouble controlling it so hence why this test done to see if suitable for killing off the thyroid and maybe not auto immune .....

just had bloods done again and it was still high at 34 ...and my Anti Bodies were Normal ..

So if my Anti Bodies were Normal Does Ot Could This Mean It Is NOT Auto Immune?

As this is all getting a bit confusing ....

thanks x

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You can do a search on this site. It has been around a long time advocating for hypothyroid people. stopthethyroidmadness.com/t...

Hippychic in reply to Heloise

Thanks Heloise

Hippychic, what was 34? We really need to see all your results, with ranges, to understand what's going on. Which antibodies were tested? Did they test the right ones? It's really impossible to help you if you Don't give all the détails, I'm afraid. :)

Hippychic in reply to greygoose

Hi ya ....yep sorry ....the results were the same as my last bloods i put up ....but overall score was 34......

i am not sure what anti bodies sorry as it was a phone call from the gp just saying they came back normal ....but i will try to get the full results and post them up on here ....thanks greygoose for your help x ....


You MUST ask to see the actual results - it is your legal right (and "normal" is an opinion, not a scientific fact). You can either see them on the screen and right them down (with ranges) or get a print out.

Thanks Angel_Of_The_North For Your Advice x

greygoose in reply to Hippychic

No, sorry, that's not right. You cannot have an 'overall score' for thyroid. There are lots of different tests. They Don't just add them all up and take an average. You really do need to get a print-out with the ranges. Results mean nothing without ranges.

Once you've posted them, then we will be able to see what exactly was tested, and what the results were. That's the only way we'll be able to give you any advice. :)

OK, just found your last results, and it's your FT4 that is 34. That makes sense.

It's also important to know which antibodes were tested. You could have Graves, or you could be in a hyper phase of Hashimoto's. But they will not know unless they test for both of them.

Hippychic in reply to greygoose

I think greygoose thats is why also the uptake and thyroid scan at neuclear science was arranged ....As that will defo tell them if it is Auto Immune Etc ...From my understanding of one of the other reasons besides maybe killing thyroid off if it remains hard to treat at a later date as had the ultra scan on my throid which showed possible auto immune hyperthyroiditis but specialist wanted to have The Auto Immune Part Confirmed by the thyroid uptake scan etc ...

thanks for your advice greygoose x

greygoose in reply to Hippychic

Well, plenty of people are sucessfully treated of Graves - if it is Graves. And if it's a hyper phase of Hashi's, then it is only temporary. I think what they're saying is it's easier for them if you just have your thyroid out.

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