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Jittery, dizzy, anxious, tired ... and slow heart rate

Title says it all, really. I'm confused as to what's going on as the jitters, dizziness and anxiety all point towards taking too much medication. But the tiredness (and not having trouble going to sleep) and slow heart rate (60-65 bpm) point towards not enough. Body temperature this morning was 36.6 so not too bad. Currently finding it difficult to lose weight although appetite is mostly unaffected and am not eating too much / too little.

I am currently taking a medication dose that made me feel fantastic before I went on HRT (fT3 5.8 (3.5-6.5). Stopped HRT for cortisol testing but haven't started taking it again as my menopausal symptoms haven't come back (yet). Don't understand what's going on any more :(

And yes, I do understand that there can be significant overlap between the two states. And yes, I probably should make an appointment to get bloods redone...

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do you have hashimoto's disease? i have a friend going thru menopause who is very trembly and nervous now. I have episodes of this, but figured it was low cortisol and hashimoto's. I had it recently and the summer of bp went low too. I was overmedicated on t3.


I have Ord's, yes. Blood pressure is low too. Best get bloods done asap to see if overmedicated but would be surprised.


i do not do blood tests anymore. i am on t3 only. The last time, that i was forced to do labs, my free t3 was way over range..but some people feel fine like this and need lots of t3 to function. Labs are not very reliable and do not tell how the thyroid meds are effecting the cells and organs.


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